The Bespoke FATBAT by T.P. Willow

Have a bat literally like no other. Shape your own, name your own - You are the designer.

The Fat Bats Bespoke service is personal and tailor made to your specifications – a professional service for the club cricketer.

Choose your weight, sweet spot, edge, toe, handle … and, of course, the Name. Need a three pound club or would like a 2lb7 nurdler?

You can even copy your favourite bat, (no matter how old).

Laver & Wood


Their cricket bats are individually hand made by world-renowned bat-maker James Laver from only the highest quality grades of English willow. They make bats to best suit the customers' requirements and, within a reasonable time frame, can deliver anywhere in the world for a price that is no more than locally purchased, off the rack bats.

At Laver & Wood, they are very keen to stress that the size of your cricket bat is crucial to ensure that you as a cricketer, get value for your shots. Please fill out the bat sizing form to discover what size and shape L&W bat they recommend for you, based on your game. This is a free service that tells you what size and shape bat you are best advised to use. You will receive an answer within a couple of days and please feel free to contact them by phone or email to discuss this service in more detail if you so wish.

Hell4Leather - Create your own (factory visit)


Hand pick your own premium Grade 1 English willow cleft. Work with their craftsman to create the shape and balance you desire. Watch as he shapes the bat to your exact requirements.

Perfect if you have got used to a shape and weight of bat, but your bat no longer gives you the confidence you need when playing.


They will work with your existing preferences to create your own work of art. They will sculpt the handle for the ultimate comfort and control, and test the balance and form throughout the whole process.

Gray Nicolls Custom Made Cricket Bats


Their Custom range allows you to custom order your own bat to your own personal specification.
Enjoy the same service as our internationals by having your blade custom made from our premier quality English willow.


Whether it be a:


Dynadrive, Maverick, Kaboom, Obilivion, GN100, A61, Powerbow or E41 (Snr or Jnr)

Lekka Custom Bat



Lekka's reintroduction to the cricket industry is a recent one, but such a striking name cannot go unnoticed in the modern game.

Lekka are one of the few new brands in World Cricket that are committed to offering all players, top quality equipment that is specifically designed to give the modern day player, not only the very best products but also adhering to the price structure that will remain more than competitive in the market arena.

Lekka's cricket equipment was well received in 2008 and yet in such a short period of time, Lekka is well on it's way to becoming an established global brand.

B3 Cricket Custom Bat


B3 Cricket are a newly launched, revolutionary cricket bat manufacturer supplying the discerning cricketer who expects the best in terms of both performance, service and value for money!


Every B3 bat is manufactured in their state of the art factory from the finest hand-picked English willow.


They offer a range of products and grades to suit all requirements and budgets and because they sell direct to you and “cut out the middle-man”, they can supply the highest quality bats and cricket equipment at super competitive prices.


In choosing B3 you are getting the very best money can buy – but not paying the earth for it!

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